Foot problems in Diabetes

Diabetes is an important disease as the high amount of blood sugar causes detrimentel effect on several tissues and organs. Foot are one of these organs. Approximately 15% of all diabetes patients face feet problems at least once in their lives. These problems range from a simple wound to severe gangrene.

Common causes are; stenosis and occlusionof the leg arteries, sensoriel disorders, degenerative changes at sole and toe structure, and low resistance to infections. Usually a few of these causes are combined. Feet problems, if not treated, may cause the loss of the foot or the leg with 50% probability.

Therefore, feet problems in diabetic patieents should be treatedmust be cured without delay . The action to be taken at the first stage of the treatment is to examine the leg arteries, that would take blood to the feet, Any problem in these arteries, would cause insufficient blood supply to the foot and in this case, neither medications nor the healing factors can reach the foot, resulting, foot amputation risk cannot be removed.

The second stage is to recover leg arterial problems, if any, by balloons, stents or surgical methods. However, after this stage; medicine, medical dressing or oxygen treatment must be used and foot problem has to be removed.


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